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This is a fossil lover's bundle that includes the book, Fossil Hunter: How Mary Anning Changed the Science of Prehistoric Life by Cheryl Blackford and a trilobite specimen with an info card about trilobites.


A Trilobite is a prehistoric fossil. These medium sized trilobites usually measure 2.5-3.5 inches. 


Why we love it:

This is an excellent chapter book introduction to Mary Anning and fossil studies and it is paired with a most excellent Trilobite specimen.


Mary Anning grew up on the south coast of England in a region rich in fossils. As teenagers, she and her brother Joseph discovered England’s first complete ichthyosaur. Poor and uneducated, Anning would become one of the most celebrated paleontologists ever, though in her time she supported herself selling by fossils and received little formal recognition. Her findings helped shape scientific thinking about extinction and prehistoric life long before Darwin published his famous work on evolution.









Fossil Lover's Bundle

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