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This is a lesson/unit for Advent 2 in Year B. The lesson is centered around the gospel and includes an Advent Wreath craft suggestions, a Nativity scene craft, worksheets, coloring pages, sensory bin suggestions, playdough mat and more. Print and go! Best for Prek, First, Second, or Third Graders.


  • About this Unit
  • a short introduction to the season of Advent
  • Vocabulary words
  • Vocabulary definitions
  • Vocabulary worksheet
  • Nativity Scene craft directions
  • Nativity Scene craft printables in black and white
  • Nativity Scene printables in color
  • Advent Wreath Craft suggestions
  • Advent Wreath printable
  • Prayer for Advent 2
  • Prepare the way coloring page
  • Baptismal Covenant
  • Baptism worksheet
  • The Gospel reading
  • The Lesson
  • Coloring page
  • John the Baptist worksheet
  • Advent Worksheet
  • Copywork sheet
  • Letter P sheet
  • John the Baptist playdough mat
  • John the Baptist Sensory Bin

and a some additional suggested resources


About this unit

This early elementary grade unit study will help your children to learn about Advent 2 and why we celebrate it. You and your child(ren) or students will explore the lesson using hands on activities and worksheets.

I have suggested several books for your studies and there are a ton of great resources online as well. You can also find many educational videos and resources out there for free.

Along with the worksheets provided, I've suggested a few projects, such as making a baptism sensory bin, a Nativity folder craft, some vocabulary words, copy work and a letter B page depending on the needs of your learner.

It will take about a week to complete this unit – but it can easily be condensed down to one day if you want to do everything in one day. You could also use all or part of it for a Children's Chapel or Children's Church or Sunday School lesson.

Advent 2 - Prepare for Jesus! Lesson for Children

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