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This PreK to Early Elementary grade lesson will teach your children to about the Feast of Christ the King and why we celebrate it. This is great for those that want to celebrate Jesus! You and your child(ren) or students will learn about Jesus and how this day is meant to celebrate him as ruler over all creation. There is a lesson, and a print and go craft!



  • an about this lesson section
  • a short introduction to Christ the King Sunday
  • Vocabulary words
  • Vocabulary definitions
  • Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Christ is king crown craft instructions
  • Christ is King crown printable
  • Prayer for Christ is King
  • "Jesus is the king of all" coloring page
  • The Song of Zechariah
  • Lesson and Discussion Questions
  • What makes a good king worksheet
  • Jesus is our Guide worksheet
  • Crown playdough mat
  • Copywork sheet
  • Letter K sheet



and a some additional suggested resources


I was homeschooled, now I am a homeschool mom and I wanted to create resources that catered to homeschoolers! I've been writing programming and working with children for a decade and I want to share what I have learned with all of you. The activities here would work for a classroom setting as well. as in a Co-Op, or at a church school. You can, of course, also use them at home. In this download you will find some wonderful resources and ideas for a lesson about the feast of Christ the King.. There are a lot of ways to use the printable files and I have included some suggestions with each one but feel free to use it however best fits

your learner.


Along with the worksheets provided, I've suggested a few projects, such as making a crown, a prayer, some vocabulary words, copy work, some worksheets and a letter K page depending on the needs of your learner.

Christ the King - Children's Lesson

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