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Learn about coding, circuits, and mechanical design as you make a box that "magically" opens when you walk up to it! 


Recommended Ages: 8-17. Two options available depending on the age group. Contents for KIT-8-3 (3rd-8th Grade): Learn block-based coding using IR sensor module. * 1 x 400-tie Breadboard * 1 x Arduino-Compatible Board + USB Cable * 1 x 7.5V AA Battery Holder with Barrel Jack * 2 x 3V LED with 470 Ohm resistor * 1 x IR Sensor Module * 1 x 2-Pin Button * 20 x Arduino Pin-Pin Cable * 10 x Arduino Pin-Socket Cable * 1 x 9g Servo Motor * 1 x Mini Screw Driver * Double-Stick Foam, Popsicle Stick, Googly Eyes, Weights

Magic Box Kit: Arduino-Compatible Automated Robot Box Kit (Ages: 8-17)

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