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Why we love them:

They are a really fun, easy to use addition to any reading program or preschool learning box. They make a great independent learning tool or are great during morning time!

FAQ: What are Wikki Stix made of?

Wikki Stix are NON-TOXIC, made of food-grade wax, like you’d find in bubble gum and lipstick… along with hand-knitting yarn, like you’d use to knit an afghan. Wholly made in the USA.

They do not contain gluten, latex, dairy, nor any nuts or nut by-products.

The wax provides that “stickability” factor, so they stick to paper and other smooth surfaces with just fingertip pressure. No glue, no paste.

And…they are easy to peel up and reposition to make changes. So “mistakes” virtually disappear, which helps build self-confidence.

Wikki Stix do not break or tear apart, but cut easily with scissors.

Appeal equally to boys and girls; recommended for age 3 and up.

Wikki Stick Alphabet - Fun Cards for Learning

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