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This unit is about Harriet Tubman and her advocacy, bravery and life. It includes a PDF with pintable's and suggested activities for a week long unit study including a make your own Harriet Tubman lapbook. Best for 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade. I've used parts of these activities for all of the above grades.



This is one of many in a series of units about "World Changers" or people who got out into the world and helped make changes for the better!



  • a suggested schedule
  • short biography of about Harriet Tubman
  • Vocabulary words
  • Vocabulary definitions
  • Underground Railroad lantern instructions and printables
  • Underground Railroad fact sheet
  • Georgraphy worksheet
  • Harriets journey worksheet
  • Harriet Tubman Lapbook Instructions and printables
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Copywork Sheet
  • Letter F sheet
  • Abolitionists Poster
  • Harriet Tubman World Changer Worksheet in color and black and white
  • Freedom Explorer Badge in color

and a some additional suggested resources


About this unit

This early elementary grade unit study will help your children to learn about Harriet Tubman and her courageous life. You and your child(ren) or students will learn about Harriet's life, The Underground Railroad being an abolitionist, Harriet's journey to freedom and much more.


I have suggested several books for your studies and there are many more resources out on the internet. You can also find many educational videos and resources out there for free.


Along with the worksheets provided, I've suggested a few projects, such as the Harriet Tubman lapbook, Underground Railroad worksheet, and some vocabulary words. I've also provided some copy work and a letter F page depending on the needs of your learner. If you use this unit and enjoy it, please come back and review it or check out some of the other World Changer or Little Explorer units available.


It will take about a week to complete this unit – but it can easily be stretched into 2 or 3 weeks of you would like to keep your learning going or you could condense this down into fewer days.

World Changers - Harriet Tubman

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